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pH solution - travel size

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Stabilises the ideal pH on the skin's surface – a crucial factor for improved, strengthened and healthy skin. For all skin types, face, body & scalp.

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  • Do you have dry, sensitive or irritated skin? Or do you know the feeling of your skin feeling a size too small after showering? You are not alone.
    The reason can be found in something as simple as your daily shower, hand wash, face cleanse and use of hand sanitizer. Water pushes your skin's pH level out of sync, making it susceptible for dryness, irritation and itchiness. 
    This innovative, instantly balancing pH solution promotes skin health by gently restoring its natural protective barrier, also known as the acid mantle. When your pH level is in balance, your skin is in balance.

    HERO is your step 0: Use it as the first product after shower, hand wash, face cleanse and as needed throughout the day.
    Daily use of HERO will effectively help prevent moisture loss, skin sensitivity, dryness and damage from environmental factors while strengthening the skin’s natural ability to renew and regenerate. HERO helps provide the best conditions for the skin’s healing process on the body, face and/or scalp.

    • Apply daily to the face, neck and chest, hands, scalp and/or body – the areas you wish to protect and balance.
    • Apply on dry skin after contact with water.
    • Do not rinse off. HERO pH solution 02 is a leave-on product.
    • Apply immediately after showeringfacial cleansing, hand washing or other contact with soap, hand sanitizer or cleaning products to instantly stabilize the pH of your skin.
    • Use with your preferred Karmameju skincare products for the face or body.
    • HERO pH solution 02 can also be used on dermatologically-challenged areas of the skin to ensure the best conditions for the skin’s healing process.
    • Ideal after swimming, hand washing, doing the dishes, cleaning, etc.
    • Scalp application / Apply HERO in towel-dried hair by dividing the hair into sections and pumping HERO directly onto the scalp. Massage and distribute the product with your fingertips. Comb or brush hair before or after the hair is dry.

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